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Marta, 21, Portuguese
Likes cute, girly things.
Eternal Disney lover.
I have a twisted sense of humor.


I feel like it’s time for me to pack my tumblr life and move on.

I’m finishing my masters, got an internship in one of my dream magazines and -this will sound awful- now that I’m not making any profit from it AND -I’m not all greed- now that all girly, pink, luxury blogs have died, I don’t feel like this is my blog. Things just aren’t as they used to be, tumblr’s different and I’m different… I started this blog at 19 and I’m 22 now. I’m done with my studies and need to start my “grown up” life. 

I’m not sure if I’m ready to let my blog die completely though (deleting is not an option) so I might fill my queue every once in a while and I’ll obviously check for anime/celebrity related news here. But idk, it was meant to happen honestly, I’ve been saying this to my boyfriend waaay before my ads got disabled.

It’s so ironic that I’m making this post now as it’s almost my blog’s 4 year anniversary ahah. I’m just not sure if tumblr suits me anymore and quite honestly ever since I reached the 20k+ mark I feel like 90% of the interection between you guys et moi is “follow me”; “reblog my post”; “promo me”; “check out my this and that”, etc. When I had 5 to 10k people were so chatty and nice, idk… but it was so long ago too so it might be the new tumblr generation fault and not exactly my follower count…

Sorry for my pointless rant but I feel like it’s hard to leave a blog and followers, that see you on their dashboard everyday, behind without ever saying anything xx

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